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At Dance Elite we have just completed our 14th season as one of the most innovative, rapidly growing, and exciting dance studios in northern California. We also have one of the largest company programs in the entire United States involving over 160 intermediate-advanced dancers ages 4-30+ dancing in all styles such as hip hop, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, musical theatre, and tap. You may have noticed something different – we don’t call our teams “Competition” teams. We made this change many years ago for a variety different reasons, the first being that our dancers do more than just competition. At Dance Elite we believe that competition can be a valuable tool in shaping a dancer’s performance ability, technique, confidence, and feeling of being a part of a greater purpose. However, we are not limited to just competitions! Our company dancers also perform at community events such as the Kings games, our showcases in the winter and spring, as well as local charity events.  The best part of being a part of our company teams is the chance for dancers to train and develop with other committed dancers their age.  The positive team environment that we provide through our company team program is truly unmatched and the reason why our teams continue to thrive and grow with each passing season.

Our dancers also attend mandatory clinics in the spring and summer where well-known choreographers come in to insure that our dancers are on the cutting-edge of what is happening in the dance world. Some of the famous dancers who have taught master classes at our studio over the past few years include Phil Wright, Robert Green,  Brittany Parks, Donovan Gibbs, Marquos Maldonado, Stephen “Twitch” Boss, Comfort Fedoke, Courtney Galliano,and Barry Youngblood. At Dance Elite we pride ourselves in being by far the most well-rounded studio in our area with instructors who are experts in their fields of dance. We are constantly working to improve our company program each and every year. Our dancers and instructors have worked very hard over the past few years and we are proud to have many soloists and groups place within the top ten at each regional and national competition.  Many of our company dancers have gone on to dance and teach professionally and have also been placed on nationally ranked collegiate dance teams.

2019-2020 Company Team Audition Information

2019-2020 Company Team Audition Information

Below is more information about the requirements of being involved in being on a Dance Elite Company Team.  Please note that our official Master Event Schedule for the 2018-2019 season and the company cost breakdown will be handed out during our annual mandatory company meeting on Sunday, August 19th, 2018.

2018-2019 Company Team Time-Class Requirements

Dance Elite All Stars Company Team Mission Statement

The primary goal of our Company Team program is to train our dancers to not only become well-rounded and technically-proficient dancers, but to also have a positive self-image and to respect themselves and others. Dance Elite Company Dancers will be given the tools that will help shape them into being responsible, successful, and driven individuals. It is our hope that our dancers will learn to find joy in and to appreciate the art of dance for the rest of their lives whether they decide to pursue a career in dance or in another chosen profession.

Jazz Production – **NEW – Empire Hip Hop Production – Pom Team – Ballet Ensemble**
For those who are not quite ready to commit to our traditional company teams we also offer a fantastic alternatives that do not entail as many requirements. Some of our dancers who are on our traditional company teams also choose to audition for our Production team because they get to perform a few more times during competitions and showcases.

2018-2019 Empire Production, Pom Team, Ballet Ensemble, & Jazz Production Teams Updated