Meet the 916 Crew Choreographers: Faith Knappenberger

How excited are you about working with the Kings to develop this new team?

I’m so excited. I was a Kings dancer way back in the day, and I’m happy to be back to help coach and direct this team.

How cool is it that the team is going to be gender-inclusive?

I think it’s very cool. I think that there’s so many great male dancers out there and I love the fact that the kings are embracing that and they’re gonna bring a lot of energy and excitement to the crowd.

What potential traits are you looking for in a dancer? 

Definitely somebody who has some strong hip-hop technical background and who just knows how to perform. Someone who brings that little that extra magic when they’re performing, and who people are drawn to when they’re dancing.

How would you describe your choreography style?

I’ve taught every style of dance throughout the years. Hip-hop, ballet, tap, jazz, and musical theater. But, I do love hip-hop and I’m excited to bring my style here.

Who or what inspired you to dance?

I mean, I’ve been dancing since I was two years old. Dance has just been a lifestyle for me. It’s just something that brings me a lot of joy—both dancing and teaching.

I’ve done a lot of hip-hop here in the Sacramento area. I started at Step One with Pepper Vaughn and I’ve done a lot of dance team hip-hop. In my studio, we have a very strong hip-hop program as well.

What are your goals for the team for this season?

My goal is just to blow everybody away when they see this team hit the floor for the first time. I just want them to say, “wow,” that was impressive.

What’s a common misconception about dancers?

I think a lot of people think dancers aren’t intelligent, and for some people that have never danced before, they get into a studio and try to learn choreography and they quickly learn that it’s not easy.

What is your most memorable Dance Experience?

Honestly, my most memorable experiences have been dancing for the Sacramento Kings. I did it from 1998 to 2000. So, it was an awesome experience to dance in front of thousands upon thousands of people. It’s something most dancers never get to do and I’m really honored that I was able to represent our hometown here in Sacramento. 

What do you keep in your gym bag?

Oh goodness. My dance bag has an extra set of clothes, socks, water, cell phone, and a towel to wipe my sweat away!

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